Who Will Win The Biggest Loser 2013?
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Who Will Win The Biggest Loser 2013?

Normally people don’t want to be called a “loser,” but in the case of NBC’s hit weight-loss reality show, it’s a major compliment.

The Biggest Loser’s 14th installment premiered January 6 on NBC, meaning it’s time to speculate as to which contestant will shed enough weight to become the franchise’s next “Biggest Loser” a title made less ambiguous by the fact that it comes with a $250,000 prize.

This season is subtitled “Challenge America,” the twist being that each of the three teams — Jillian’s white team (yes, she’s back!), Bob’s blue team, and Dolvett’s red team — will have one younger contestant (age 13-16) who will compete, but won’t be eligible for elimination. The goal is to raise awareness of childhood obesity.

So far four contestants have left the ranch: Nikki Davis, TC Pool, Nathan Montgomery, and Cate Laughlan.

The weekly winners are as follows:

Week 1: Jeff Nichols, 24 (from 388 lbs. to 359 lbs.)
Week 2: Joe Ostaszewski, 43 (from 364 lbs. to 326 lbs.)
Week 3: Pam Geil, 43 (from 237 lbs. to 210 lbs.)

Who Will Win The Biggest Loser 2013?
Credit: NBC    

An early favorite is Week 1 winner Jeff Nichols, a pharmaceutical rep from Monroe, Michigan. In a pre-premiere interview with Michigan radio show Going Gonzo, Jeff compared himself to last season’s winner, Jeremy Britt.

Last season was the very first season of the show I ever watched and that's what inspired me,” he said. “Jeremy was very similar in age to me; very similar in weight to me and our personalities were similar, too.”

Based on their early percentage weight loss numbers, Jeff’s toughest competition comes in the form of David Jones, Gina McDonald, Francelina Morillo, Danni Allen, and Joe Ostaszewski.

Only time will tell if Jeff can shrink enough to step into Jeremy’s shoes!

Source: Going Gonzo Show

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