Who Won ‘Big Brother’? Full List of Winners!
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Big Brother

Who Won ‘Big Brother’? Full List of Winners!


Who has won Big Brother throughout the years?

With Season 18 just around the corner, it’s time to take a look back at the previous winners and pay homage to their excellent gameplay.

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Ever since the show began in 2000 we’ve been watching a cast of strangers live in seclusion inside a house all summer while — taking a page from Survivor’s playbook — trying to outwit, outplay, and outlast their competitors.

So who, in the past 17 seasons, has walked away with the grand prize? Check out the full list of winners below:

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Season 1 (2000): Eddie McGee
Season 2 (2001): Will Kirby
Season 3 (2002): Lisa Donahue
Season 4 (2003): Jun Song
Season 5 (2004): Drew Daniel
Season 6 (2005): Maggie Ausburn

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Season 7 (2006): Mike Malin
Season 8 (2007): Dick Donato
Season 9 (2008): Adam Jasinski
Season 10 (2008): Dan Gheesling
Season 11 (2009): Jordan Lloyd
Season 12 (2010): Hayden Moss

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Season 13 (2011): Rachel Reilly
Season 14 (2012): Ian Terry
Season 15 (2013): Andy Herren
Season 16 (2014): Derrick Levasseur
Season 17 (2015): Steve Moses
Season 18 (2016): TBD

Ready for some interesting stats on the winners? Here it goes: 

  • Dan Gheesling (Season 10) was the only winner that was unanimously chosen and he also made it to the Final 2 twice (Season 14). 
  • There have been 12 male winners and only five female winners. (This must change.)

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  • Ian Terry (Season 14) is currently the youngest winner of the show. 
  • Eddie McGee (Season 1) is the only winner who has been chosen by the viewers (he won with 59 percent of the vote).

Watch the Big Brother 18 two-hour premiere on Wednesday, June 22, at 8 ET on CBS. It then begins its normal schedule of Wednesdays at 8, Thursdays at 9, and Sundays at 8.