Who Do You Want to Win The Bachelor 2014 Tonight?
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The Bachelor

Who Do You Want to Win The Bachelor 2014 Tonight?

It’s all come down to this: Either Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley will nab Juan Pablo Galavis’s final rose on tonight’s Bachelor Season 18 finale, and we need someone to find us a paper bag right now to keep us from hyperventilating over the excitement. Deep breaths, everyone! So, while we work to get our oxygen flow under control, the big question is: Who do you want to win Juan Pablo’s final rose on tonight’s finale?

We must say, you can’t really be criticized too harshly if your first instinct is to respond, “c.) None of the above.” Nikki and Clare have been two of the most polarizing women of the season, due largely to their own interpersonal tension. Plus, Clare has been a bit sneaky midnight ocean swim, anyone? while Nikki has seemed very proud of herself for emerging as a frontrunner, which has made it a little tough to cheer either of them on.

Still, there are definite reasons to root for either lady. Clare’s journey (you didn’t think we could write an article about the finale without squeezing in the word “journey,” did you?) has been an emotional one, most recently with her and JPG bonding over the loss of her father. Plus, no one can deny that the chemistry between these two is off the charts.

Meanwhile, Nikki has been a standout from the very beginning. The fact that she’s a pediatric nurse led to an instant interest from the single dad, and indeed, her outing with Juan Pablo’s daughter in Miami was quite precious. The couple keeps getting closer, and there’s no doubt that Nikki who was the first to tell him she loves him has definitely fallen for the guy.

But who do you think deserves that all-important final rose? Vote in our poll to let us know! May the best woman win although we can all debate whether or not being the object of Juan Pablo’s affection really qualifies as a “victory.”

Who do you think deserves to win? Make your case in the comments section below!

I'm just glad this season is finally over.

I can't wait for the finale!!!