Whoopi Goldberg Tells Off Mama Joyce on The View — Watch Here! (VIDEO)
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Kandi Burruss

Whoopi Goldberg Tells Off Mama Joyce on The View — Watch Here! (VIDEO)

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss constantly gets criticism about her relationship with Todd Tucker from her mom, Joyce. Now, The View star Whoopi Goldberg is letting Joyce know exactly what she thinks of the situation.

Kandi, Joyce, and Todd appeared on The View this week, and Whoopi said she doesn't like that Joyce keeps meddling in Kandi's business. "You have a man in your life, right?" Whoopi asks Joyce. When Joyce says yes, Whoopi asks, "Is [Kandi] up in your business?" to which Joyce reluctantly says no.

Then, Whoopi gets real. "You and I are minutes apart in terms of age — we don't have time for this mess," Whoopi tells Joyce. "Let her make the mistake if she's gonna make the mistake." Finally, someone is making sense!

"You gotta let her do it — you can't do this for her," Whoopi says. "She has to do it on her own. Now, maybe she made some early mistakes — you're trying to keep her from doing it again. [You and I] listen kinda to our parents, but we had to make our own mistakes — she's gotta do it."

Well said, Whoopi. Even though Joyce's concerns might have some validity, as Joyce wants the best for Kandi's daughter, we agree with Whoopi that Kandi needs to make her own decisions. But we'll have to wait and see if Whoopi's advice sinks in. We're guessing not.

Do you agree with what Whoopi says?

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