Glee Season 5: Who’s Better For Santana — Dani or Brittany?
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Glee Season 5: Who’s Better For Santana — Dani or Brittany?

Over the years, we’ve fallen totally, completely, head over stilettos, in love with Santana (Naya Rivera) on Glee. Though she was once just a loyalty-free Cheerio, bent on the destruction of the gleeks, things have changed. And a lot of the reason we came to adore her had to do with her relationship with Brittany (Heather Morris).

The sweet lady kisses Brittana exchanged in their adorable courtship made us see Santana in a whole new light, as a damaged but tender and loyal person, someone capable of giving all of her love to another person. And though thinks with Brittany ended in Season 4, Episode 4 “The Break Up,” we still dream of them getting back together someday.

Right now, Brittany is at MIT (see our fanfic about what we think she’s up to…) and Santana lives in NYC. They broke up when Santana was in Kentucky because they couldn’t spend enough time together, among other reasons. But even as Brittana was splitting apart, it wasn’t because they didn’t love each other.

Now, Santana is working toward her dream of being an actress or something only 3 ½ hours from Britt. While we don’t know where she’s going quite yet, we do know that she’s starting to date Dani (Demi Lovato), a waitress at the Broadway diner where they both work. From what we’ve heard about the next few episodes, it looks like she’ll definitely be sticking around for a while.

Dani is funny, out, gorgeous, and super talented. She plays the guitar and sings in a band with guest star Adam Lambert in the next episode. Her life story is interesting and sad and she seems like she really likes Santana. But other than that, we don’t know much about her.

Whether you’re stoked that Santana and Dani are together, or you are just waiting for Brittany to reappear in the sassy Santana’s life, we’d love to know what you think of her love life. Who should Santana be dating, and why? Share your thoughts below.

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