The Vampire Diaries: Who’s a Better Human — Katherine or Elena?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries: Who’s a Better Human — Katherine or Elena?

With Elena’s transition to vampire in Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries and Katherine’s transition to human in Season 5, we have now seen both Petrova doppelgangers in vampire and human mode. How do they measure up? Today, we take a closer look at which doppelganger does human better.

In Personal Grooming

Vampires have it easy. They are forever young. They don’t have to deal with metabolism or other bodily functions. Plus, they all seem to have supernaturally-awesome hair. So, humans have to try twice as hard to keep their level of personal grooming up to snuff to keep up with the vampire population. Human Elena didn’t go for anything too fancy Henleys, jeans, and a hair straightener were her go-to combination, and it totally worked for her. Human Katherine hasn’t found her niche yet. Gone are the days of perfect brown curls and, apparently, wearing heels without blisters. When Human Katherine showed up at the Salvatore mansion in the Season 5 premiere, she was a mess. She’s not so good at this personal grooming as human thing.

Winner: Elena

In Bravery

It’s no argument that humans in Mystic Falls are at a distinct disadvantage from the witches, werewolves, and vampires populating the town. Humans are weaker and slower and, in almost all situations, are at these supernatural creatures’ mercies. How do our girls Katherine and Elena deal with this handicap? Well, while Elena takes lessons in how to fight back from Alaric, Katherine goes into super-duper hiding mode. In terms of bravery, we think there is a distinct winner in Human Elena and Human Katherine.

Winner: Elena

In Humanity

The term “humanity” is often used synonymously with compassion, empathy, and goodness. If we judge Elena and Katherine’s plays at humanity in that context, Elena comes out way, way, way ahead. In the time since Katherine turned human, she has thought but no one but herself. She almost killed Jeremy in order to escape, leaving him to bleed out on the pavement. (What, killing him once wasn’t enough?) Conversely, Human Elena regularly tried to sacrifice herself for the people she loved.

Winner: Elena


Basically, Human Katherine is going to have to seriously step up her game if she wants to challenge Elena’s vastly more impressive demonstration at being human. We’re willing to give Katherine a grace period, given that she has only been human again for about five minutes after centuries of vampirism but not lusting for blood has got to give one a moral decision-making advantage over creatures of the night. We wouldn’t want Katherine’s personality to change vastly overnight she is still the same person but we think this return to humanity could cause interesting (and positive) changes in our favorite former vamp.

But let's face it: Matt Donovan is the best human in Mystic Falls... and in the world.

Who do you think makes the better human? Do you think Katherine will get any better at humanity? Sound off in the comments below!

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