Who’s the Hottest Guy on Pretty Little Liars?
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Who’s the Hottest Guy on Pretty Little Liars?

Rosewood might not be the safest place to live, but it’s definitely the hottest — and we’re not talking about the temperature. When it comes to studly men, the fictional town of Rosewood is full of them!

There’s Spencer’s perfect boyfriend Toby, whose baby blues make our hearts flutter week after week, and Aria’s guy on the side Jake, a martial arts instructor with abs of steel (and a killer smile). And we can’t forget about Ezra, Aria’s charming English teacher who swept her off her feet back in Season 1. Sure, he may be “A,” but his turn to the dark side in Season 4 has only made him more attractive!. With all of these hotties running around Rosewood, we’re surprised the Liars don’t get distracted more often. But who’s the hottest guy on Pretty Little Liars?

Wetpaint Entertainment posed the question to Viggle users during a gAme of Viggle LIVE! and we have to admit: we’re a little shocked by the responses! Despite his current status as big bad “A”, Ezra scored 52 percent of the vote. One of the things we liked about Ezra — past his baby blues, occasional scruff, and tight-fitting vests — was his kind, romantic side. Now that we know he’s a potential villain, we’re not sure what to think! Then again, watching Ezra storm into “A”’s lair at the end of the summer finale was kind of hot.

Meanwhile, Aria’s new man Jake scored 32 percent of Vigglers’ votes. Have you seen Ryan Guzman shirtless? We’re surprised it’s not higher! Of course, this means that Toby — one half of our maiden ship, Spoby — only got 16 percent of the vote. We think somebody needs to watch this scene of Spencer and Toby getting hot ‘n’ heavy in the motel and get back to us.

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01.16.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Crystal Bell
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