Game of Thrones: Who’s the Most Irredeemable Character?
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Who’s the Most Irredeemable Character?

Game of Thrones actor David Bradley, who portrays wedding planner extraordinaire Walder Frey on the hit HBO fantasy epic, recently stated that he loves playing the character of Walder because “he’s just irredeemable.” So that got us thinking: who is the most irredeemable character on a show that’s overflowing with monsters? Here are a couple of options.

Walder Frey. We might as well start things off with the obvious choice here because this guy really knows how to hold a grudge. “Oh, you don’t want to marry my daughter? That’s cool, how about I just kill you, your pregnant wife, your mom, your dog, and everyone else who hangs out with you. Sound good?” Plus, Frey is like a hundred years old, so we’re pretty sure he’s not going to wake up one day and suddenly be a nice guy.

Joffrey Baratheon. Will this little brat ever change his ways? Don’t count on it. Joff is one bad apple who is rotten to the core. When he started hanging around with Margaery and acting like a little less of a dick we thought that maybe he may be having a change in personality just like his funcle (father/uncle, and no, it’s not a real thing) Jaime did. Then he used Ros for target practice. With a crossbow. Who does that?

Cersei Lannister. While Cersei probably isn’t as vengeful as Walder Frey or as pure evil as Joffrey, she’s irredeemable in her stubborn belief that she’s always right. Spoiler alert: she’s almost always wrong. Cersei always thinks she’s a few steps ahead of everyone else in whatever she’s plotting, when in actuality she’s bringing up the rear. Case in point: she can’t wait to tell her brother Tyrion that he has to marry Sansa Stark, but then she’s completely blindsided to learn that she has to marry Loras Tyrell. Come on Cersei, pay attention for once in your life!

Ramsay Snow. The Bastard of Bolton has one very sinister and irredeemable trait: he enjoys torturing people. Like, he lives for it. In fact, it’s literally the only thing he’s done on the show. Flay Theon’s pinky, pretend to let Theon escape, cut off Theon’s, err, little kraken ... these are all in a day’s work for ol’ Ramsay. Not only does Ramsay continue to do evil and gross things without showing remorse, but he seems to be getting even worse as time goes on!

Of course, those aren't the only options. There's cruel Lannister patriarch Tywin, Dany's detestable (but thankfully dead) brother Viserys, The Hound's bloodthirsty brother The Mountain... The list goes on.

Who do you think is Game of Thrones’ most irredeemable character? Sound off in the comments!