Game of Thrones: Who’s the Most Noble Character?
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Who’s the Most Noble Character?

Game of Thrones features a number of unscrupulous characters, yet there are a select few who believe in fairness and honor. A very, very select few.

Michelle Fairley (Cat Stark) had her character referenced as the most noble on the show during a recent interview with 891 ABC Adelaide, but Michelle doesn’t seem to agree with that sentiment, saying, “Oh, I don’t know if she’s considered the most noble.” So if not Cat, then who is the show’s most noble character? Here are some nominees.

Cat Stark. Even though Michelle may disagree, Cat seems to have a strong moral core. She is very angry with her son Robb when he renegs on a deal to wed Walder Frey’s daughter, since he is soiling his honor as well as hers. Turns out mom was right in her anger, since Robb’s decision ended up costing them both their lives.

Ned Stark. Cat’s late husband didn’t last too long on the show, largely because he refused to compromise his morals. Ned saw the world as a place governed by strict rules, and it was his following of said rules that got him into trouble when he refused to recognize Joffrey as king (since he wasn’t Robert Baratheon’s son). Ned only backtracked on his principles in order to protect his daughters, but he still lost his head. Nice guys certainly do finish last in Westeros.

Jon Snow. Jon is looked down on by society because he’s a bastard, and in return, he always does the right thing. In fact, Jon Snow is so motivated to do the right thing that it’s almost sickening sometimes. He put off losing his virginity for fear of fathering a bastard, he risked his life to find out the truth about Craster’s sons, and he even turned against the love of his life for the greater good. Honestly Jon, you could probably stand to go against the grain just a little.

Brienne of Tarth. Most of the knights in Westeros aren't so good at following their oaths, but Brienne really is a classic knight in shining armor. She's endlessly loyal, she believes in sticking to her word; heck, hanging out with her even makes Jaime Lannister a better person!

Daenerys Targaryen. While Dany will use basically every trick in the book in her rise to power, the one line she won’t cross is using slaves. Dany is strongly opposed to the idea of slavery, and has made it her new mission in life to stamp out slavery for good. One thing we’ve learned from Dany is this: The owning of dragons makes for a very effective abolitionist.

Davos Seaworth. He may have been a pirate in his past life, but Davos is still one of the most honorable characters on the show. He's deeply loyal to Stannis, but isn't afraid to stand up for what's right, like not burning people to death just because crazy Melisandre says to.

Tyrion Lannister. He may be a Lannister, but Tyrion’s not such a bad guy. He refused to consummate his marriage to the much younger and unwilling Sansa Stark, he was offended by the monstrosity that was the Red Wedding, and he has no problem slapping King Joffrey when he’s being particularly awful. Yeah, Tyrion’s pretty awesome.

Now it’s your turn. Who do you think is the most noble character on the show?

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It's totally a Stark.

No one is TRULY noble.