Who’s Older: Harry Styles or Justin Bieber?

Teenage girls want them. Teenage boys want to make fun of them. They're teen music idols Justin Bieber and Harry Styles!

Both of these gents have baby-faces that sit in stark contrast to their many tattoos. They both like hoodies. They both have a pretty strained relationship with Taylor Swift, even if Harry had a much friendlier sort for a couple of months. Most notably, they both have a cuh-ray-zee fan base. Like, if JB joined One Direction it'd be like Beatlemania except with more blood feuds. Maybe more like Lord of the Flies?

So we know one thing we can add to our never-should-ever-happen list: the Biebs joining One Direction. But we know another thing too: one of them is older than the other. Do you know which one? Click here for the answer!