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Who’s On and Who’s Off on Grey’s Season 7, Episode 4?

Like any great show, the relationships on Grey's constantly have us on our toes. Here's a recap of the latest couples going strong, the couples dying slow, painful deaths, and the couples whose love has been brought back to life (for another episode at least).

On, No Matter What Happens: Derek and Meredith
Derek and Meredith are bright and shiny, and there’s nothing Alzheimer’s can do to stop it. Meredith was going to see if she’s at risk for the disease, but Derek told her not to pursue the matter. And why not? Why let a potential future ruin all the fun they’re having in the present? Makes total sense to us. Good on ya, Derek.

On, and in New Digs: Cristina and Owen
That’s one small step for Cristina, and one giant leap for her relationship with Owen. Buying the fire station may have been impulsive and perhaps reckless, but it sure did the trick. In so doing, she proved her commitment to Owen and to their future together. Go big, or go home — or to your old apartment.

On, as New Friends: Lexie and April
Integrating herself into the Seattle Grace fold has been an ongoing struggle for April, because for a long time, no one liked the girl much. (Not even us viewers.) But she’s made great strides recently, and she’s found a new friend in Meredith. That made Lexie jealous at first: Lexie certainly wasn’t paying her dues at the April Kepner Fan Club. But once she came to her senses, she realized that April’s not so bad and is actually starting to like her. And hey, we are, too..


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