Who’s Taller: Chris Colfer or Darren Criss? (PHOTOS)

You may think you know the answer to this one, but one of these actors is deceptively taller than he looks. ;Now that their characters ;Kurt and Blaine are back together, Glee stars ;Chris Colfer ;and ;Darren Criss ;have been sharing a lot of on-screen time, but have you paid attention to who's taller?

Darren ;and Chris ;are ;perennial show ;fan favorites, ;and nothing would make #Klaine shippers happier than to see their characters Blaine ;and ;Kurt ;headed down the aisle towards marital bliss in Season 5. But are they too young to wed? Blaine is the younger one in the relationship as a senior at McKinley High, while Kurt is off in NYC doing his first year at NYADA. In real life, Darren is 26 years old, which is three years older than Chris, who's only 23. Now that you know who's older, can you guess who's taller? ;

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