Guess Who?

Who’s Taller, R&B Diva Edition: Ciara or Ashanti?

Each week, we at Wetpaint like to ask the tough questions, and we’re here to help you with one of the biggest ones on our mind: Who’s taller, Ciara or Ashanti? It may seem silly, but the pair has so much in common, it’s hard to think of their differences.

Think about it: Both divas are R&B hitmakers, making clubs shake with “1, 2 Step” (Ciara) and “What’s Luv” (Ashanti). Both go by a single name because last names are so uncool. Oh yeah, and both are dating super famous hip-hop artists: Ciara is with Future, and Ashanti is rumored to be hanging with Nelly.

It’s easy to see how we could mix them up, really. But when it comes to their height differences, they couldn’t be farther apart. Which one is taller? Click through to find out.