Who’s Your Favorite Rory Gilmore Boyfriend? (POLL)
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Who’s Your Favorite Rory Gilmore Boyfriend? (POLL)

Gilmore Girls is, at long last, coming to Netflix in its entirety, the online streaming site announced yesterday. Come October 1, we'll be holed up in our apartments and basements with a few pounds of candy and ten pizzas each getting our marathon on. In the meantime, all we can do is ask a question that gets right down to our very cores: Who's your favorite Rory Gilmore boyfriend?

The Gilmore Girls teen heartthrob you choose says a lot about your personality... and this debate can get heated. Let's examine our choices:

Who’s Your Favorite Rory Gilmore Boyfriend? (POLL)
Credit: The WB    

Dean Forester is good for a relationship traditionalist. He's patient, worships Rory (whether he's her boyfriend or not, which is kind of uncomfortable), and is ready to start a family young.

Dean is definitely a small-town, boy-next-door type, although he's somehow not really swayed by a good pot roast. Unfortunately, however much of a rock he may be for the right lady, there is always the possibility he will get a little cheaty if his first love comes around, because he's not really great at letting things go. He's also not the sharpest crayon in the box.

Bottom line: He's reliable (for better or for worse), your parents love him, he's good at hugging you while you're crying, he finds your neuroses adorable (for better or for worse), and he probably pays all the bills on time. But he's not really into growth or change or reigning in jealous behavior.

Jess Mariano is a little crazy, but definitely the smartest — and in the later seasons of Gilmore Girls, we see that he probably has Rory's best interests at heart, even if he's kind of a mess himself.

He always walks around with a paperback in his back pocket, which is, of course, dreamy. He can keep up with any intellectual conversations you want to have, and he'll call you on it if you talk out of your butt. Here's the thing, though: If you're going to be with Jess, you have to accept that sometimes he's going to sleep in a car or share a studio apartment with three other smelly artist dudes. He's not really reliable, and could disappear to somewhere else at any moment.

Bottom line: Jess is sweet and smart, but pretty full of baggage that sometimes blows up in his face — and takes some bystanders down with him. If your priority is brains, he's probably your dude, but like, if Dean just didn't care about Lindsay's pot roast, Jess laughs in the face of pot roast. He's not someone you pick out curtains with.

Logan Huntzberger is wealthy and (eventually) polite. He's also the only dude Rory has ever lived with, and she definitely came closer to marrying him than her previous two serious boyfriends... but that could just be the whole adult-relationship thing.

This guy does seriously care about you, and he'll show it by buying you Birkin bags and picking up your bar tabs, and once you hack at that playboy exterior, he'll openly admire your intellect, too. The problem with Logan is that the rich-boy entitlement never goes away, no matter how many times some moments of clarity shine through that platinum-plated exterior.

Bottom line: Logan will buy you a house with avocado trees in the backyard, but he can't buy your dreams.

Who's your favorite Rory Gilmore boyfriend? Vote below, then elaborate in the comments!

They're all awful.

I can't decide! Can I combine them?

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