Why Nina Dobrev Almost Missed the People’s Choice Awards
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Nina Dobrev

Why Nina Dobrev Almost Missed the People’s Choice Awards

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder stole the 2014 People’s Choice Awards with their cheeky banter while accepting the award for “Favorite On-Screen Chemistry.” The Vampire Diaries stars charmed the audience by joking about their break-up, but as it turns out, Nina almost didn’t make it to the show at all!

The actress had been vacationing in Australia with her girlfriends for two weeks prior to the show and admits she didn’t want to come back to the U.S.

"Towards the end of it, I was having so much fun I was like, 'So how do we make up a fake death or kidnapping? So something happened, there was tragedy, she didn't survive...so she's just not coming back,'" Nina told E! News. "That way I can live an incognito life and become a hippie with dreadlocks...a gypsy in Australia traveling my way around the country. Seriously, one night, I was like, 'Hm...how do I make this happen?'"

Now obsessed with the Land Down Under, Nina is looking for any excuse to go back to Australia.

“After going to Australia it’s hard to go anywhere after that,” she said. “I want to move there. I’m obsessed with it. It’s like Dorothy in Oz. I’m in Oz. I’m in love with Oz.”

Thankfully, Nina was able to make it back in time for her prior commitments.

“I almost missed the People’s Choice Awards!” she joked. “No, I actually didn’t almost miss the People’s Choice Awards, but I definitely booked my flight to the last possible moment.”

Coming back from vacation only to get glammed up for the red carpet and graciously accept an award next to a hot guy like Ian? Sounds like a tough life!

Source: E! News