Why Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas Should Have Won Dancing With the Stars 2013
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Dancing With The Stars

Why Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas Should Have Won Dancing With the Stars 2013

On Tuesday, May 21, 2013, Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough were named Dancing With the Stars Season 16 winners and won a cheap, shiny Mirror Ball trophy worth maybe $12. Who doesn't want that?! Obviously it's worth fighting for. For those of you who were on Team Aly Raisman & Mark Ballas, here are three reasons they could have taken it instead.

1. Olympians do well

Rule #1 of DWTS: Never underestimate the Olympians! There have been Olympians on DWTS who have not won (Misty May-Treanor had to drop out from injury, Evan Lysacek took second, etc.) but Apolo Ohno won Season 4, Kristi Yamaguchi won Season 6 (with Mark), and Shawn Johnson won Season 8 (with Mark) and almost won All-Stars. See the trend? Give Mark an Olympian and he wins. Plus, Aly is hot off the most recent Olympics — the captain of the beloved Fierce Five. She's known across the country, and she has many friends in the Five with their own big fan bases — and they’re all motivated to help her win. Add to that the idea that eyes aren't even focused on Aly as one of the frontrunners to win, despite being an Olympian, because Zendaya Coleman and Kellie Pickler have been such standouts from Week 1, and football players like Jacoby Jones tend to win as often as Olympians.

2. Mark's Freestyle was so fun

Mark + an Olympian = a Freestyle to remember. The judges gave it 30/30, and we won't soon forget those poles.

3. Aly is up for anything

Every time you put a microphone in front of Aly she talks about how excited she is to do each dance. She loves, loves, loves the show and never seems to complain. Yeah, she has that "Olympian" sound — they are all so media trained to give quick, innocuous, positive soundbites that sound near robotic. But she's been coming out of her shell in rehearsals and on the dance floor. She’s been steadily improving, in terms of scores and performance value. Remember her Week 7 Salsa? She really went for it, even crawling on the floor. That's the way to go, instead of being so controlled.