Why Andrea? We’ll See Why It Was a “Good Decision” on The Walking Dead Season 4
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The Walking Dead

Why Andrea? We’ll See Why It Was a “Good Decision” on The Walking Dead Season 4

Did you know that one original pitch for The Walking Dead Season 3 had Andrea surviving as the leader of Woodbury, opening the gates to everyone? Comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter that the idea was “definitely pitched.” But, instead, they killed Andrea on the Season 3 finale, letting her get a walker bite from Milton.

According to Kirkman, the Andrea death idea was something ex-showrunner Glen Mazzara introduced in the writing of the last few episodes. “It's something that was debated quite a bit. There was a lot of opposition in the writers' room. I bounced back and forth between 'We really shouldn’t killer her' and 'this is a good idea.' In the end it all came together and we decided to go for it. It was definitely something that divided the room to a certain extent."

Why did they decide to go with it, especially when Andrea is still alive in Kirkman’s comic book series? “It's a big departure from the comics, which to a certain extent is somewhat risky but at the end of the day I like the idea of there being big differences that key in to this is the show, this is the comic,” Kirkman said. “I like that there's some kind of separation there. It was definitely something that weighed upon us heavily. The unfortunate thing is that you're not really going to see why this was a good decision and good for the show until Season 4. We thought having that tragic end to her storyline — having [Andrea] work so hard to save these people of Woodbury and find a peaceful resolution to this conflict was really something worthy of the character. It's also something that changes Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) mindset and alters a lot of the characters and their modes of operation moving into the fourth season. It seemed like the right thing to do at the right time."

What do you think of the decision?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter