Why Angie Miller Should Have Won American Idol 2013
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Why Angie Miller Should Have Won American Idol 2013

If you’re like us, you did not see that Candice Glover/Kree Harrison American Idol 2013 finale coming. For most of the season, we had basically thought it would be “Angie Miller + ?” hitting the Idol stage on finale night. And, while all three women are incredibly talented, we’re still left thinking that it should have been Angie who took the crown.

First of all, American Idol has had its critics and detractors these past few years, so it set out this season to point out the way in which it was different than its competitors it actually produces stars. While many fans love The Voice and its judging panel and format, it has yet to see anyone really achieve much success. Even Idol’s slogan this season pointed that out, “Others dream, Idol delivers.” Everyone likely remembers Randy Jackson saying “We are the Picasso” of reality shows, calling it the “gold standard … of singing shows.”

While Kree has already shown she has plenty of allies in Nashville, we’re a bit more uncertain about the ultimate popularity of Candice’s debut album or subsequent efforts. While her vocals remain untouched, her style and music don’t seem like they will have the widespread appeal of someone like Angie Miller.

The 19-year-old Beverly, MA, native blazed a trail during Hollywood Week with her original number, “You Set Me Free”. It was easy to picture her rocking out at the Grammy Awards, doing duets on the Billboard Awards, and much, much more. Angie has a marketability that no one else had on season 12, and seemed to have what the American Idol judges always like to call the “whole package.”

So just what happened? If you ask us, it was a voting SNAFU plain and simple. Sometimes people assume their faves are safe and vote for someone who touched them emotionally that week, as Kree did to so many with her hometown visit. If you combine that with the Vote For The Worst crowd voting for Kree, and those folks out there who honestly don't WANT their favorite to win (and get trapped in the heavy restrictions of a winner's contract), and Angie most likely lost out fair and square.

Some fans out there, however, are not so convinced that Angie being eliminated was on the up and up. There are those out there that feel Kree's moving backstory and Candice's hard-luck life were played up way too hard the week of the hometown visits, while Angie's journey home was all sweetness and light in comparison. There have even been rumors that the American Idol voting app would not work for some Angie Miller fans on that crucial night before she got the boot, although we've seen no solid evidence on that count.

Conspiracy theorists in Angie’s camp are even promoting the idea that American Idol producers continue to sabotage the young singer even now, so that Candice and Kree really do look like the more beloved contestants. What? Nope, we're not kidding. One example of the conspiracy theories? It was highly advertised that Angie’s original song would be available on iTunes after the finale, as with Candice and Kree’s, but Apple’s iTunes apparently spelled “Miller” as “Miler” instead, so the song didn't show up in search. Seriously,how hard is it to spell “Miller”? But we digress.

To boot, although the single has done extremely well, it hasn't charted in iTunes as Kree and Candice's singles have. An article on breathecast implies, this in combination with the fact that she didn’t get to perform the song on the finale, as she was going to originally, have already put her at a disadvantage going forward. Is there any real truth to any of this? We just chalk it up to bad luck, but we'll let you make your own judgment call.

In the end, the pretty singer will be just fine, but we can’t help but be left with the lingering feeling that Angie Miller should have won American Idol season 12. What do you think?

05.20.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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