Why Didn’t Kyle Richards Attend Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Opening?
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Kyle Richards

Why Didn’t Kyle Richards Attend Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Opening?

There was a lot of fighting on the last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — mostly between Brit restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump and blonde bombshell Brandi Glanville. Somewhere along the way, castmate Kyle Richards was dragged in as well, and we’d assumed that that was why the former child star didn’t attend the opening of Lisa’s new lounge, PUMP. However, Kyle swears that isn’t true at all!

She, Brandi, and former housewife Camille Grammer were spotted at PUMP last week. When asked about it, Kyle told RadarOnline.com, “We were actually going to the Abbey, but the car dropped us off right in front of PUMP and I said ‘I would like to see it,’ and I was invited to the opening but I was going to the [NBC] Upfronts the next day didn’t want to leave my kids so I skipped it. I thought it was beautiful inside.”

Though Kyle claimed the season was “a little dark” for her tastes, she knows that things could be good again with the ladies of the Hills, “depending on the women.”

“There have been a lot of good fun things that come out of the show so I’m grateful for that,” Kyle said. Hopefully, the ladies will have a little more fun next season. We know we’re tired of watching the endless feud between Brandi and Lisa!

Do you think Brandi and Lisa will make nice for next season? Do you think last season was too dark? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Source: RadarOnline.com