Why Bristol Palin Went Home on DWTS All-Stars Week 4
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Why Bristol Palin Went Home on DWTS All-Stars Week 4

Bristol the Pistol has fired her last shot on Dancing With the Stars. There will be no more malarkey — at least until viewers find something new to fight about. (Any minute now!)

So why did Bristol Palin go home on Season 15 All-Stars Week 4? A better headline question might be Why Didn’t Bristol Go Home Three Weeks Ago When We First Thought She Would, Or The Week After That, And Seriously Why Did She Leave The One Week We Were Sure It Would Be Someone Else Because We’d Given Up On The Idea That She Would Ever Leave?

But that’s even longer than a Fiona Apple album title. Anyway, we won’t miss the negativity that formed like a cloud around Bristol — with or without cause — and she has to be at least partly relieved that it’s over, too. (Maybe even more than partly; Mark Ballas was left to do some Tuesday night post-elimination interviews solo, although Bristol did join him on Jimmy Kimmel Live and she talked to Good Morning America on Wednesday.)

We were worried that Sabrina Bryan or Kirstie Alley might be going home this week, but Sabrina wasn’t even in the bottom two on Tuesday’s Results Show — thank Disco. Instead, for the first time this season, the bottom two were the two couples with the actual lowest scores. How novel!

Why Bristol Palin Went Home on DWTS All-Stars Week 4
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So why now for Bristol? It probably hurt the Season 11 finalist that she wasn’t bottom of the judges’ leaderboard — as she had been for the past two weeks in a row, without ever being in danger. Technically, even though Vote for the Worst was still asking people to vote for her on Monday, she wasn’t actually the worst. Not to the judges. The judges gave Bristol and Mark Ballas two points more than Kirstie and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. She wasn’t the “underdog” this week. She wasn’t underscored. There was no tearful fight. This was a much less negative week for her than last week — even with Mark having to create a dumbed-down routine so she wasn’t overwhelmed — so there was no new cause for supporters to rally behind. It’s possible it was that simple.

It’s also possible that Kirstie and Maks have some fans on reserve. Maybe voters saw Kirstie and Maks at the bottom and thought “She was underscored!” Or “There goes my entertainment value!” Or “I want to see that woman three times as old as Shawn Johnson do more cartwheels, ‘cause that’s inspiring and I sure couldn’t do it!”

Whatever the reason, we’re glad Bristol and Mark went out on a high note, without much fanfare or drama. And we wish Mark another Shawn-like partner for Season 16.

Brooke Burke-Charvet asked what Bristol would say to her doubters. “Well, we did it,” Bristol said. “We made it to Week 4 and I’m happy with that, and I had an awesome time and an awesome partner and these are just great people and I wish everyone the best of luck.”

How are you feeling about this?

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