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Why Bristol Palin Will Win DWTS Season 11


It's Semifinals time! Let's take a look at the final four on Dancing with the Stars Season 11 and explain how each one could win.

Why Bristol Will Win:

1. There's no getting rid of her. Black magic, the underdog value, a vast right wing conspiracy — whatever you want to attribute it to, she's here. People are voting for her. They may be doing it quietly, but they are doing it. Pre-season we compared her tabloid value to this season's Kate Gosselin. But Kate never got close to the Semifinals. We haven't had a Semifinalist with this combination of low dance skills and low entertainment value ... maybe ever.

2. Everyone loves Mark Ballas. Don't underestimate his role in this. Mark is the ultimate supportive partner. He's bubbly, he's sweet, he doesn't get stressed out or yell at his partners. He's an angel that fell from the sky. And he takes responsibility for his own missteps — like during the Argentine Tango — without getting defensive or making speeches (like someone else we know).

3. She's, uh, what the show's about? This show is supposedly about taking a total newbie and transforming him or her into a dancer. You could argue that Bristol shaking her tush at her parents in rehearsals merits a transformation. She's not an entertainer. She's not a competitor. She's naturally shy. She doesn't have the slinky body of the other women in the Semifinals. This is arguably harder for her than anyone else. But she's trying and occasionally she does pretty well, despite the haters out there. The more people bash this young mom, the more her fans rush to keep her around. Maybe if we all stop bashing her, The Pistol Patrol will just naturally run out of bullets.

11.10.2010 / 09:01 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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