Why Candice Glover Won American Idol 2013!
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Why Candice Glover Won American Idol 2013!

With your DVR looking fairly empty and your Wednesdays and Thursdays now free for social outings, you might be asking yourself why did Candice Glover win American Idol? When it gets down to finale time, the last two contestants are usually fairly on par with each other, so it's always tough to say.

In the case of Candice Glover vs.
Kree Harrison, it really seemed to come down to the fact that, while Kree was amazing, Candice had a few performances that will truly go down in American Idol history as the cream of the multi-seasonal crop. Her renditions of "Somewhere," "Lovesong," and "I Who Have Nothing" come to mind, but there were plenty more. Kree was very consistent all season, but only had a few real standout performances, like her original and reprisal performance of "Up to the Mountain."

If you were like us, though, you did have a flicker of doubt after Kree sang "Up to the Mountain" in the American Idol 2013 finale. It was the first time in a while that the country singer had been able to connect her emotions with the song and really knock it out of the park. "Could the tables have just turned?" we thought.

Then, of course, Candice hit the stage for her reprisal of "I Who Have Nothing" and it was like very few performances that have ever been done before on that stage. It was as though the air left the room, or like a "planet exploding," as Keith Urban said. And the writing was then on the wall.

Of course, there is definitely something to the "pimp spot," or having that last performance of the night. You get to leave that final impression on the voters, and that's certainly something. When Kree was asked why she gave that up when she won the coin toss, she said she didn't really know why. She said she let Candice pick, as she was just so excited she got to perform again. Perhaps it was a misstep, but we don't think it would have changed anything.

What do you think why did Candice Glover win American Idol?

05.17.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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