X Factor 2013: Why Carlito Olivero Will Win
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: Why Carlito Olivero Will Win

Like the seasoned boxer he is, X Factor contestant Carlito Olivero has bounced back time again during Season 3 of the show.

Never a darling of the judging panel and no stranger to the bottom two, the 24-year-old has fought tooth and nail to get to the Top 4, earning his spot after facing off with teen star Rion Paige in the “Save Me Song” battle of December 5. It’s Carlito’s particular brand of hard work, however, that might just be the extra oomph he needs to win the whole darn show (and give new judge Paulina Rubio her first win).

The Chicago native originally moved out to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of stardom. It’s been an uphill battle all along, with Carlito telling X Factor fans he’s often found himself homeless and sleeping in his car as he tried to make ends meet and turn his dream into a reality. Perhaps it was that kind of dedication that judge Simon Cowell had in mind when he cast the deciding vote that sent Carlito to the semifinals on December 5 instead of Rion.

As Simon and his fellow judges have pointed out, Carlito does best when he plays up his sexy Latin side by switching between English and Spanish in his songs and winning the hearts of the ladies in the audience. If he embraces that advice in the Live Shows leading up to the finale, Carlito may just KO the competition.

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