Why Carly Rose Sonenclar Won’t Win The X Factor 2012
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Why Carly Rose Sonenclar Won’t Win The X Factor 2012

Carly Rose Sonenclar is a vocal genius, okay? We understand that. We’ve heard her sing 16 times on The X Factor this season, and we know she’s amazing. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to win the five million dollar contract when all is said and done.

What could stand in her way? A few things.

1. She never looks like she’s having fun
It’s not just that she always sings ballads and makes serious faces while feeling feelings out loud. Even Demi Lovato commented on this, in a recent interview with USA Today. “A part of me feels like she's really serious all the time and she always sings these slow songs. I love watching someone that's going to get my energy up. And she's incredible, yes, but it's definitely hard watching her sometimes.”

2. She doesn’t want it as much as Tate
Tate Stevens is 37 years old and has a wife and family to think about. The onus of supporting his fam, plus the fact that time is running out on his marketability have driven him to want to win. But for Carly Rose, she has her whole life in front of her and she’s already experienced success with movies and Broadway.

Demi commented on this as well, saying “I think she's pretty emotional for 13 and I don't know how much she wants to be here. I don't see the drive I see in some of the other contestants' eyes."

3. Fifth Harmony might steal her thunder
There are only so many people who watch The X Factor, and an even more select group who vote for their favorite contestants. Although Carly Rose has been close to the top for the entirety of the season, she hasn’t always been number 1. Now that the majority of the contestants are gone, and she only has Tate and Fifth Harmony to worry about, we have to take a serious look at where the votes will go.

Tate has the country demographic on lock, and even though Carly Rose tried to tap into that by singing with country-pop star in LeAnn Rimes on the finale, she didn’t nail it. The duet was a little awkward and did not show that Carly Rose could take any of the ‘Merica lovers away from Tate’s corner. And,with 5H’s brilliant move to sing with pop princess Demi Lovato, some of the teen girl vote has to be going their way. Which leaves Carly Rose with... what exactly? A ton of fans for sure, but whether that will mean a ton of votes as well is yet to be seen.

Source: USA Today

12.21.2012 / 05:33 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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