Why Catherine Giudici Thinks Sean Lowe Will Be an Awesome Dad
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The Bachelor

Why Catherine Giudici Thinks Sean Lowe Will Be an Awesome Dad

Remember when Sean Lowe started his season of The Bachelor by having an existential crisis about how he hadn't popped out a bunch of love children? Dude wants to populate the world with mini-Lowes, and it looks like his blushing bride-to-be, Catherine Guidici, is right there with him.

Catherine and Sean might be saving sex until after marriage, but this gal knows her hubby will be a stellar father. You know, once he gets around to actually impregnating her (ugh, Sean, get your act together). So, why is Catherine so sure of Sean's parenting skills? Because he's a great pops to his adorable dogs, Lola the Boxer and Ellie the Labrador!

“He’s such a good [dog] owner and doggy daddy,” Catherine tells Good Morning America, adding that Sean's Dr. Doolittle skills are “absolutely” a sign of what's to come when they have kids.

Awww, these two are going to be the best parents ever! If only they would adopt us.

By the way, is anyone else worried about poor Lola and Ellie's feelings once Catherine pops out her own litter of puppies (er, babies)? Hopefully, Sean won't reject his pals with paws in exchange for actual human children.

Source: GMA