Why Desiree Hartsock Gave Brooks Forester the Rose and Dumped Ben Scott
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Why Desiree Hartsock Gave Brooks Forester the Rose and Dumped Ben Scott

So, turns out that Munich (a land full of sausage parties and lederhosen) is basically the most romantic place on earth. Proof? The erotic igloo that Desiree Hartsock and her captives (er, boyfriends) were imprisoned in during their group date. This thing was like a frigid den of hotness, and Des spent her entire staycation making out with each and every one of her men — especially Brooks Forester. These two didn't even have a conversation because they were too busy speaking in tongues.

Brooks ended up snagging Des' group date rose, a decision which was well thought-out by our leading lady. "It has been awhile since Brooks and I had our first one-on-one date so it was important for me to reassure him of my feelings," she writes in her People Bachelorette blog. "We always enjoy our time together and make the most of every moment, but it is hard to have a date early on and then watch other connections form. I have been there before and understood what he was feeling, so I gave him the group date rose to show him that I cared."

Des' decision to give Brooks the rose was totally on point, but did she make a huge mistake by deflowering Ben Scott during their two-on-one date? After all, she seemed to enjoy her alone time with him as much as he did... The verdict? Not so much — girlfriend has zero regrets!

"It was a huge red flag that Ben couldn't get along with an entire house full of amazing, trustworthy men, so I knew there was something underlying there," she explains. "I need a man who can go new places, meet new people and get along with others, so it was only right for me to send Ben home. I'm normally such a good judge of character. When I gave Ben the first impression rose, I figured we had real potential."

Ben was treated somewhat unfairly by the rest of the men in the house, but he showed his true colors on the limo ride home, where he chatted about being The Bachelor and asked his camera crew camera to get wasted with him. Yep, we're thinking Des made the right decision.

Brooks > Ben, y'all!

Source: People