Why Did Teen Mom 3’s Katie Yeager and Baby Daddy Joey Maes Split?
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Why Did Teen Mom 3’s Katie Yeager and Baby Daddy Joey Maes Split?

We’re still a few months away from the debut of Teen Mom 3 and yet we’ve already got the newest bunch of Teen Mom gals in our sight. While Mackenzie Douthit, Alexandria Sekella, and Briana DeJesus have all been pretty open about the statuses of their baby daddies, star Katie Yeager? Not so much. In fact, all the star will say when it comes to her baby daddy, Joey Maes, is that she’d “never” get back with him. What gives?

Turns out Katie’s story arc in Teen Mom 3 will revolve around her breakup with Joey, which according to RadarOnline, was not pretty. A source tells the gossip site that Joey cheated on Katie — but wait, it gets worse. He cheats on her with a girl that she knew from when she was younger!

Katie apparently found out the sordid details a week after Joey came to visit her during her birthday weekend over a year ago.

“He told her because she caught him in a lie. He finally just came clean about it. He wrote it to Katie in a note. He straight up told her, ‘I’m talking to somebody else’,” the source says.

The news was initially devastating for Katie because she and Joey were engaged.

Her entire world came crashing down,” said the source. Katie and Joey split and she made plans to move to Salt Lake City. While at the time Katie was absolutely distraught, nowadays the 20-year-old mama understands where things went wrong and is even happy about it.

“They are just not good together. Together, they brought out the worst parts in each other. It was just better that they went their separate ways,” says the source. “Katie’s happy to be independent because this is the first time in her life that she’s even been independent.”

Atta girl, Katie!

Source: RadarOnline

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