Why Did Beyoncé Cut Her Hair? 3 Weird Questions, Answered
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Why Did Beyoncé Cut Her Hair? 3 Weird Questions, Answered

Wetpaint Entertainment is here to set the record straight on matters related to your favorite stars — from Beyonce's new ‘do to the Olsen twins’ fame.

We grabbed some of the most burning queries made to Google, Bing, and more hoping to shed some light on some hot topics. Get some answers below!

Why did Beyoncé cut her hair?

Even though Beyonce can do no wrong, lots of people want to know why the singer chopped off all her hair. While it’s far from “mom hair,” it is drastically shorter than we used to seeing. "Her hair was long and went down her back,” Beyonce’s hair colorist Rita Hazan told USA Today. “She'd been thinking about it for a while and she wanted to go for it and cut it. It was a moment that she had." Luckily, the new style looks great, or it could’ve been a moment she regretted for years!

How did Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen become famous?

Why Did Beyoncé Cut Her Hair? 3 Weird Questions, Answered
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Though they aren’t in the spotlight quite as much these days (and when they are, they’re obscured by gigantic cups of coffee), Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are still a pretty famous set of twins. The actresses-turned-fashion-designers have been in the public eye since they were in diapers — literally. They took turns playing Michelle “You Got It, Dude” Tanner on the ABC sitcom Full House for eight seasons. Parlaying that success into an empire worth a billion dollars, the twins began clothing lines; starred in straight-to-DVD movies such as When in Rome and Passport to Paris; and became heads of their own holding company, Dualstar. Nowadays Mary-Kate and Ashley are more well-known for their couture fashions than their cutesy catchphrases, but we’ll always have our DVDs of the complete series of So Little Time as remembrance of times past.

What was Brad Pitt's best movie?

Why Did Beyoncé Cut Her Hair? 3 Weird Questions, Answered
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Sure, there may be a film or two Brad Pitt would like to forget (we didn’t remember Cool World until researching this question), but for the most part he’s had an impressive career in Hollywood. But what’s his best movie? Like many things, this is a matter of opinion but many film buffs vacillate between Fight Club and Seven. However, if you’re strictly going by the Rotten Tomatoes numbers, his recent flick Moneyball tops the charts with a 94 percent fresh rating. Interestingly, Rotten Tomatoes users’ rankings put Fight Club first, Seven second, and Moneyball and number seven. There’s only one way to settle this: Brad Pitt marathon!

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