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Why Did Casey Shteamer Get Kicked off The Bachelor Season 16?

Oh dear. Another one bites the significant other dust.

Why Did Casey Shteamer Get Kicked off The Bachelor Season 16?
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Casey Shteamer got caught with a boyfriend back home and it got her kicked off of The Bachelor Season 16 on the Panama-set Episode 6. When she had to talk to Ben Flajnik about it, she had an ugly-cry meltdown, but least she didn’t flee through the landscaping of a Turkish hotel ala Justin “Rated R” Rego.

For some reason they waited until after the group date Casey was on to have Chris Harrison pull her aside for a talk.

Chris: “It was brought to my attention by three different people back in the United States that you’re in love with somebody else and not in love with Ben. Michael is your boyfriend back home.”
Casey: “My ex.”

Chris said they talked to Michael and, from his perspective, they are still in a relationship. They were practically living together before she went on the show. Casey said Michael wasn’t sure he wanted to get married and that was pretty much a deal-breaker for her. They broke up a year ago and then got back together.

Chris: “Are you still in love with Michael?”
Casey: “I don’t want to be...” (Casey has trouble with straight answers.)

Then she told Chris — almost out of nowhere — that it had come to her own attention in the past two days that she still has feelings for her ex. Did she try to call him or something?

Back in October, Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss tweeted "Every year, some girl or guy on the show thinks they can outsmart my amazing team of producers. Good luck with that." Is that in reference to people calling them about Casey or did Casey make her own move to contact Michael?

Spoiler King Reality Steve said Casey’s on-and-off boyfriend back home didn’t want her doing the show to begin with. His name is Michael Patak, President and CEO of a company called TopStepTrader in Chicago. Casey, a trading clerk, either worked for or still works for Michael.

On Jan. 24, Steve wrote, "Would’ve been nice if Casey would’ve filled [Ben] in on Michael Patak, the guy that plenty of people told me she was seeing before she left for the show and it was well known. Of course, I had her other friends who said they were ‘on a break.’ Uh huh. How much you wanna bet Casey and Michael are back together either now or in the very near future? I’m sorry, but if someone goes on this show while ‘on a break,’ then when they get back from filming they’re back together with that person, they were never broken up."

This Michael guy had better propose after putting her through this drama. On the upside, now Kacie Boguskie can just be “Kacie” instead of “Kacie B.”

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