Why Did Dany Stay in Meereen? Showrunners Explain (VIDEO)
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Game of Thrones

Why Did Dany Stay in Meereen? Showrunners Explain (VIDEO)

On Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 5 (“First of His Name”), Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) conquered the city of Meereen, the final stop on her tour of Slaver’s Bay. Afterwards, she discussed the possibility of finally sailing to Westeros before deciding that she was going to stay in Meereen after all. Why did she do that? We’ll let the showrunners explain.

In a new “Inside the Episode” video released by HBO, co-creator Dan Weiss explains Dany’s motivations, “This scene shows Dany learning a lesson that I think all revolutionaries learn at one point or another which is that, conquering in many ways is a whole lot easier than ruling.” Adding to that, co-creator David Benioff says, “This is a pivotal moment for Daenerys because for so long her sole goal was getting back to Westeros, conquering Westeros, sitting on the Iron Throne, and becoming the queen that she believes she has every right to be, and now she has the opportunity.”

Dan also says that Dany is staying in Meereen to prove that she can rule, before tackling the much bigger task of ruling Westeros. “She’s driven by kind of a deep empathy ... her empathy allows her to look at the people of Westeros and say, ‘Why the hell would they ever follow me if I hadn’t proven myself through my actions to be somebody worth following, why would they let me rule if I hadn’t proven myself to be somebody who has ruled well somewhere else.’”

You can check out the entire video below.

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