Why Did D.L. Hughley Go Home on Dancing With the Stars 2013 Week 5?
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Why Did D.L. Hughley Go Home on Dancing With the Stars 2013 Week 5?

Do you like that, so far on Dancing With the Stars 2013, a couple with the lowest score of the week has been eliminated? On one hand, it seems like that’s how it should always be — the “worst” dancer leaves, right? — but that’s not usually how DWTS rolls. Not every week. Will it make this season too predictable? Or is this just a sign that the judges and the fans are on the same page, for a change, maybe not in terms of the “bottom two” but in who goes home?

Not that we predicted D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke would go home this week. They hadn’t even been in the Results Show bottom two before now. The second the judges backed off and D.L. showed a less defensive attitude, fans apparently stopped seeing him as an underdog/victim and figured he could either take care of himself or just end his own personal journey on a high note. And he did end on a high note. His dancing improved, just not fast enough on a season where people are dancing better and entertaining more. But at least he went out with a smile and some parting sass to the judges.

Poor Victor Ortiz and Lindsay Arnold were indeed back in the bottom two. Once again we predicted Victor would go home, when before the season started we wondered if he might win it all. He keeps on chugging along, and we should probably stop predicting his demise, but maybe if we stop expecting him to leave that’s right when he will leave.

Victor & Lindsay got a score of 21, which tied with Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson; it was higher than the 18 shared by both D.L and Cheryl, and Andy and Sharna. (Side note: Way to go, Andy! Who would’ve predicted he’d be the most successful comedian in the history of DWTS?) So for some reason Victor just isn’t connecting as much with fans. But he’s now officially the underdog of the season, since he’s survived the bottom two three times now. He’s a fighter! But if he ends up getting the lowest score of Week 6, it’s hard to see how he can survive into Week 7.

Do you think the right dancer went home? Will you miss D.L. and Cheryl?


What will D.L. miss about this? “Just Cheryl,” he joked (we think). “But I just want to say Len, I watched you during the package and you need to work on your hip action. And the hip replacement Bruno said I should have, I’m willing to you. But I’ve had a ball.”