Why Did Kayla and Jane Go Home on ANTM Cycle 15, Episode 11?
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Why Did Kayla and Jane Go Home on ANTM Cycle 15, Episode 11?

When Andre whisked Kayla and Chelsey off to The Last Supper and a 6-Star hotel in Milan, leaving Jane and Ann behind in the dust, it seemed for a moment that the natural divide in the group really meant something. Off they went — the two girls who have taken consistent, sometimes great, photos and showed some personality, whatever that really means. Once a “little butler” (as Chelsey put it) brings you champagne on a tray, how could you not think of yourselves as the two finalists? And then there was Jane and Ann, having what looked to be a much more fun, underdog kind of night at home (vodka and Chinese food). It almost tricked us into believing that Ann was a long shot.

Really, all the lanky lady had to do was have a decent day to make the cut. She came out of her shell just enough — hair flips by a window and all — to give her previous amazing photos the “she can move when prompted” boost they needed. When Tyra called her name first, it seemed inevitable Chelsey would be next. Regardless of her attitude, she had command of the set, which was probably most evident during the runway walk portion of the shoot. The girl was stomping. She wanted this.

But let’s not short Jane and Kayla. Even Tyra said Jane had her most memorable moments that day. You could also argue that Kayla, who had top photo two weeks in a row, performed better than Ann did. (Nigel said it was the most believable of the bunch, which has to be taken with a grain of salt given that the editorial looked like a gorgeous trailer for a movie about models haunted by frescoes.) Kayla and Chelsey couldn’t have been the top two, though, for the same reason they paired off together — they’re similar. It had to be one from each team. Were they really going to sacrifice Ann, the one who probably looks the most like what they had in mind with the high fashion concept for this cycle?

And then there were two. Chelsey said early on in the episode that Ann was “coasting,” which really means that she’s irritated that Ann isn’t aggressive, but gets the kind of results that being aggressive gets. The competition bubbled over to the point that Chelsey even made it into an Idaho-Texas rivalry, which was kind of hilarious. If Ann puts her hand above her head and shifts her body, Andre yells, “Genius!” which irritates Chelsey because it seems effortless. Chelsey wants to be a workhorse model, the one who really earned her spot, but her constant reminders of how she deserves it only serve to make Ann a really, really likable front-runner.

11.19.2010 / 09:19 PM EDT by Lauren Bull
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