Why Did Kellie Pickler Win Dancing With the Stars?
Credit: Adam Taylor/ ABC    

Dancing With The Stars

Why Did Kellie Pickler Win Dancing With the Stars?

Kellie Pickler is taking that Mirror Ball trophy back to Nashville, just like she planned back on Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Week 1!

The American Idol alum won a highly competitive season, and helped Derek Hough win his record fourth trophy. (He should at least get a set of steak knives for that.)


Well, even before their instant classic Freestyle, there were already plenty of reasons to think Kellie would win. As we wrote in our roundup, she’s sweet, funny, pretty, self-deprecating, warm, approachable, liked across all demographics, a well-known figure on TV with lots of famous friends to back her, talented without having previous dance or athletic experience (unlike Zendaya, Jacoby and Aly), and in possession of a heart-warming backstory about the triumph of the human spirit.

She was already firing on all cylinders by Week 1, and she may have been able to get to the Finals with any pro, but it sure as heck didn’t hurt that she had Derek. Derek knows how to win DWTS, as we all know very well by now. His choreography brings out the best in his partners, and he’s created some of the most memorable routines in his 11 seasons with the show.

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