Why Did Martinez Trust The Governor? 6 Things We Learned About Season 4, Episode 7: “Dead Weight”
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The Walking Dead

Why Did Martinez Trust The Governor? 6 Things We Learned About Season 4, Episode 7: “Dead Weight”

We love the post-The Walking Dead gabfest Talking Dead not just for its gigantic knowledge bombs, but the sweet guests, too! Every week after TWD airs, host Chris Hardwick speaks with a selection of cast, crew, and/or guests about the episode we just saw. This week, Chris discussed Season 4, Episode 6, "Dead Weight," with The League's Paul Scheer, and TWD's own Jose Pablo Cantillo, whose character, Caesar Martinez, died a disgusting death this week.

David Morrissey (The Governor) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) Play Golf Together. Although The Gov. doesn't make a habit of hitting Andy over the head with the clubs, apparently the two Brits enjoy many a golf game while shooting.

Jose Took His Character's Death as a Compliment. Jose didn't exactly see Martinez's death coming, but deaths are definitely something the cast watches out for when they pick up a new script.

"You start to think he can make it, he can make it," he admits — and he had extra hope for Martinez in Season 4. "You finally get to, he's the mayor of his own town, and [you think] he can make it, he can make it! Nope."

But hey, having your character get devoured by zombies isn't all bad. "If they really take the time to give you a gruesome exit," Jose explained, "it's a compliment."

Why Did Martinez Trust The Governor? What was Martinez thinking when he trusted The Gov. — not just after the Woodbury massacre, but when he happened across him again? "Drive-thru!" joked Jose. Well, killing a ton of your own people sure works up a craving for Fourthmeal… but seriously.

"The Governor is so dark and twisted, yes. And Martinez knows that," Jose explained. "In some ways there's comfort in knowing you're being protected from something more powerful than these Walkers."

If he means The Governor's crazypants, then yes, that's probably more powerful than the Walkers. But it appears that Martinez misjudged him just a little bit.

"Sharing power, to me that's the moment that Martinez sealed his own fate," Jose said of Martinez's death. "Because you don't want to lead in this world. Because if you lead in this world, you have to make decisions to do bad things to other people."

Martinez's Death Was Pretty Complicated to Shoot. A stunt double fell off the RV in Jose's place. Martinez wore a harness so The Gov. didn't hurt him while dragging him. Two walkers were stunt guys that held him up for safety.

"They really get into it," said Jose of the stunt crew. "One guy is literally taking chunks of precious hair out of my head."

The Governor's Episodes Were Shot During Comic-Con. "[Shooting] was hiatus for Comic-Con. It was a small cast," answered Jose when asked if there was a post-character death ritual. "All of those prison guys, they were gone. Andy Lincoln came and said goodbye, [but] I suspect he was there for a haircut."

Pete's Writhing Corpse's Close-Up Was Done in a Swimming Pool. TWD recruited scuba divers with underwater cameras to film that first scene of The Governor's new aquarium, featuring Cute Pete. (He was so cute. We are so sad.)

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