Why Didn’t Aly Raisman Win Dancing With the Stars 2013?
Credit: Adam Taylor/ ABC    

Dancing With The Stars

Why Didn’t Aly Raisman Win Dancing With the Stars 2013?

Only on Dancing With the Stars Season 16 would a gold medal-winning Olympic gymnast like Aly Raisman take fourth place.

The other three stars were too talented, too entertaining, and too popular with gigantic fan bases. But that doesn’t really take anything away from Aly, who probably would’ve done even better on almost any other season. As Mark Ballas noted — in a video clip shown after their fourth place finish at the start of the Week 10 Results Show — Aly never complained, she was always positive, and always excited to be there. She was his best student ever. That says a lot!

However, we’re not too surprised that she left fourth. Even though Jacoby Jones was below her on the leaderboard, he wasn’t that far behind her; plus he has that football fan base, he looked like he needed “saving” from fans, and her creative pole dancing Freestyle may not have motivated people to the phones last night. And some fans have said they are tired of Olympic gymnasts showing off their flips and tricks on DWTS. It worked for Shawn Johnson, but only once.

Still, true to form, Aly left with class and a positive attitude. “This has been the best experience of my life … it’s been so amazing.” She also took time to wish the best of luck to the three remaining couples, since she loves all of them. That’s a pro for you! Well done, Aly.

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