Why Does Chandra Wilson Want Bailey to Keep Suffering?
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Grey's Anatomy

Why Does Chandra Wilson Want Bailey to Keep Suffering?

At the end of Grey’s Anatomy’s ninth season, we saw Bailey (Chandra Wilson) take on a challenge she’s never faced before — dealing with the repercussions of unknowingly spreading an infection that killed several of her patients after she operated on them. This led to so many heartbreaking Bailey scenes as we watched her try to come to terms with what happened and find the courage to operate again.

And according to what Chandra told Yahoo! TV, she’s hoping there’s a lot more emotional scenes coming Bailey’s way.

“We’ve seen crying Miranda, and we’ve certainly seen her go through tough things and have to rise above them,” Chandra said, referring to the staph infection scare. “At the end of season nine, she really went through something personal with feeling responsible for the death of some of her patients.”

“As a surgeon, it’s not uncommon to lose a patient,” Chandra continued. “It just really hurt her to her core. I would love to see her continue to have residual effects from that — not that it stops her from being a good surgeon.”

Which it hasn’t. Although Bailey was super hesitant to pick up a scalpel again after the incident, when Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) needed her, she snapped right back into action, just like the Bailey we know and love.

“That’s where the human part of it comes in,” Chandra added. “You can’t not always question how are you and what your confidence is and if this person will make it off your operating table.”

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Source: Yahoo! TV