Why Does Daryl’s Crossbow Never Run Out of Arrows on The Walking Dead?
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The Walking Dead

Why Does Daryl’s Crossbow Never Run Out of Arrows on The Walking Dead?

You have to suspend a certain amount of disbelief when watching a show about the zombie apocalypse. When it comes to The Walking Dead, most fan questions are more about micro-level details than scoffing at the big picture idea of zombie attacks. That could happen! But Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) shooting arrow after arrow from his crossbow for four seasons without running out? That’s hard to believe.

Entertainment Weekly talked to Norman on-set and asked how his character seems to have a never-ending supply of arrows. “I try to recycle the arrows as much as possible,” he said. Scenes have shown Daryl going up to walker kills and removing arrows. (Wash it off before reusing, man!) On top of that, Norman said, “They go on runs and we raid places, and this is Georgia so that is one of the weapons that people hunt with. So it’s not unheard of to find more arrows.”

Plus, arrow-replacing may just be one of those things that happen off-screen. “When you show this large of a time frame, there’s a lot of things that are sort of understood,” Norman continued. “You never see us go to the bathroom, but we do that.” Wouldn’t it be funny/awful to have a walker attack in the prison while someone is on the can?

Watch the EW video for more from Norman, including shots of him hanging out with a cute dog. (New prison mascot?) FYI, cat papa Norman is also working to ban animal testing on cosmetics. He has a soft heart, even if Daryl has no problem using those arrows on owls and squirrels

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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