Why Does Troian Bellisario Think Pretty Little Liars is So Popular?
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Pretty Little Liars

Why Does Troian Bellisario Think Pretty Little Liars is So Popular?

Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings) is one articulate woman. The Pretty Little Liars actress was on Larry King Now to talk her show, her recent op-ed in The Hollywood Reporter, and women in Hollywood but our favorite insight may have been her opinion on why PLL is so darn popular. What did the brilliant actress have to say on the subject?

“I think the show is popular because it’s beautiful. It’s fun. It both takes itself seriously and is also campy at times,” Troian told Larry King. “But I think, truthfully, it’s popular because it touches on a truth of adolescence, which is anxiety and paranoia. You know that feeling when you were younger and you walked into a room and everybody all of a sudden shuts up and you go, ‘Oh my god. They were talking about me and they hate me.’ Everybody feels that when they’re growing up. As adults, we go, ‘I’m being ridiculous. They probably weren’t talking about me.’ But to a young woman or a young man, that’s their whole world and so, in our world Pretty Little Liars we just sort of take that to the extreme. And we go, ‘Everyone was talking about you. Everybody is threatening your life. Everybody is coming after you.’”

Troian also took some time to talk about the “crucial” role Twitter plays in the show’s popularity, crediting the timing of PLL as one reason for its success: “We came out in a time when Twitter was just getting its legs. And, all of a sudden, there was this world in which … our show would air and people could talk about it at the same time. And our show is very sensationalized. Things happen that are crazy and out-of-left-field. Dead people come back to life. People get killed off. And you want to be able to not have the watercooler talk tomorrow, but, with Twitter, in that instant … It’s this more immediate thing.”

PLL’s success really is unprecedented and measured in a way that much of TV never has been before. Sure, PLL does well in the ratings for ABC Family, but it is also the most tweeted about show in history. The study of its success isn’t just a question about this individual program, but about how the TV industry is changing on the whole. Basically, we could listen to Troian wax poetic on the subject all day.

Do you agree with Troian’s opinion on why PLL is so popular? Do you think there are other factors? Why do you enjoy the show? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Larry King Now

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