Why Drew Lachey and Helio Castroneves Went Home on DWTS All-Stars Week 3
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Why Drew Lachey and Helio Castroneves Went Home on DWTS All-Stars Week 3

Two champions gone — just like that!

Sadly, we had a feeling Season 2 champ Drew Lachey and his pro partner Anna Trebunskaya would be leaving on Dancing With the Stars Season 15 All-Stars Week 3, but apparently Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas weren’t just playing the chess king and queen on Monday. They are a new kind of DWTS royalty, impervious to low scores — kind of like Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who haven’t been scored much higher. (But at least Kirstie and Maks seem to be having a blast out there.)

We probably need to stop even speculating about when Bristol and Mark will go home. For all we know, they’ll still be there in 2013 when Season 16 starts. But we guessed that, if Bristol and Mark survived this double elimination, it would be Season 5 winner Helio Castroneves and his partner Chelsie Hightower who were sent home. Why? They were in the bottom two last week, and it’s deadly to end up in the center of the judges’ leaderboard — the way they did this week. Plus, their Quickstep was good, except for when he tripped over her dress, and their scores were pretty fair. There was nothing to get worked up about on either end. If you do an All-Stars routine that’s not great or awful, you can get forgotten. Plus, there wasn’t that much buzz around Drew and Anna or Helio and Chelsie. They were just good, solid couples who did a decent job. Sadly, that’s not enough. Not when Bristol has a huge backing from somewhere. (Loyal longtime DWTS fans? Conservative voters who just popped in for Bristol but don’t normally watch the show? The Tea Party? We know Vote for the Worst is backing "Bulletproof Bristol"...)

Maybe the biggest shocker of Tuesday night was that Bristol wasn’t even in the bottom two with Helio. Instead, it was Sabrina Bryan! How. Is. That. Possible?! Drew was in the bottom two before, and so was Helio. So does that mean Sabrina and Louis van Amstel’s days are numbered? She is killing it out there. How can people watch the show and … you know what, never mind. You tell us how you feel in the comments. We need to go cry in the corner.

How tough is it for the Week 2 champ to be leaving? “Like Tom said earlier, it was going to be tough regardless of who went home tonight,” Drew said, “but I can honestly say I would not change a thing. Everybody questioned why I would come back. I came back ‘cause this is fun. We had a great time. I had an amazing partner.” Good for him. That’s the way it should be. This is all supposed to be fun. Great job, Drew and Anna! We’ll always have especially fond memories of that sexy Week 2 Jive.

Helio thanked Team Penske, his family, Chelsie and America. “I couldn’t be happier. Thank you.” Chelsie said “Honestly, it was so fun. We had such a blast. He was such a fun partner to be with, always just a joy, always an amazing attitude and he really, really wanted it.” Aww! They had such a sweet partnership. We’ll miss their smiles.

How are you feeling about this week’s elimination? Do you have a theory as to what’s going on? Should we stop even looking at the bottom scores for elimination predictions, at least if Bristol and Kirstie are there?

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