Why Erica Rose Wants Chris and Sarah to Win Bachelor Pad 3
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Why Erica Rose Wants Chris and Sarah to Win Bachelor Pad 3

You can win as many challenges as you want on Bachelor Pad, but if you lie, manipulate and make people cry, it’s going to be hard to convince those same people to reward you with $250,000. That could be a snag if, say, Chris Bukowski makes it to the BP3 finale with partner Sarah Newlon. Lately they’ve been doing well at winning challenges and saving their own butts, but would anyone vote for them?

Erica Rose left BP3 last week and told RumorFix she’s “definitely rooting for” Chris and Sarah to win. She explained that Sarah is a good friend of hers and she admires Chris’ cutthroat game-play. He’s “putting everything on the line, he’s a risk taker.” She thinks he’s the only one thinking for himself and she wants someone not in the main alliance to take home the money.

At this point, it sounds like Nick Peterson is also thinking for himself and not even in a real alliance with his own partner, The Widow Rachel Truehart. But since Nick just woke up after a five-week camera nap, he’s not exactly someone you could call a risk taker.

What do you think? Who do you want to win BP3, out of the remaining four couples?

Source: RumorFix