Why Girls Love Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones

Why Girls Love Game of Thrones

OK. So, this Thrillist article about why girls hate Game of Thrones has been making the rounds. Everyone and their mother has been writing about why it's dumb, and as a female-oriented website that adores Game of Thrones, we felt the need to respond, too. Because, really. That article might be trolling for hits, but the idea that girls hate Game of Thrones is a sentiment we've seen expressed far too many times. The more people who contradict it, the better.

That said, we don't think the shallow-at-best arguments Thrillist puts forth are worth an in-depth discussion of women, "nerdy" subject, and why Game of Thrones is breaking boundaries. Instead, here are our quick point-by-point comebacks. Because, really?

Reason 1: Girls Love Complex Character Dynamics

The complaint: Girls hate gross things like twincest. Because boys are toooootally all about brothers and sisters banging, are we right? Eye. Roll. (Some) girls might not like "gross things," but we're perfectly capable of appreciating interesting, flawed, and even epically destructive character relationships, which Game of Thrones provides in spades.

Reason 2: Girls Love Engaging TV

The complaint: It's hard to follow. Because ... girls are dumb? (Someone please tell us this article is a parody). Women enjoy TV shows that require watching closely, re-watching, and really digging into the world just as much as men do, and Game of Thrones is fantastic for people of either gender looking for that kind of television experience.

Reason 3: Girls Like Magic, Too

The complaint: It's too nerdy. And we quote: "It reminds us of the kids that used to play magic cards in the cafeteria." Leaving aside the ridiculous notion that all women have a "problem" with those kids who played magic cards, let's not pretend fantasy is the domain of men or even "nerds" only, especially these days. We're living in a post-Harry Potter, post-Lord of The Rings world, people. Fantasy has gone mainstream. The women who grew up on YA genre fiction are ready to embrace Game of Thrones' more adult take.

Reason 5: Girls Like Hot Guys

The complaint: It's all naked chicks. Except when it's naked guys! Yes, sometimes the show goes overboard with the sexposition (though the balance has gotten better this season), but it's more equal-opportunity than most media when it comes to the eye candy.

Reason 6: Girls Can Handle, and Understand, Violence

The complaint: it's too violent. Which, yes, Game of Thrones is hella violent. But women can enjoy that just as well as men. And even the people (of either gender) who don't like it can appreciate that, say, Jaime losing his hand is an important character development that contributes to the show in interesting ways.

As for how to get women to watch the show? How about highlighting the plethora of amazing female characters, the fascinating character dynamics, the awesome dragons, or, for your shallower friends, the hot guys? That all seems like a better idea than "tell us about the romantic crap." Because let's be real, anyone who watches Game of Thrones for romance is gonna get their heart broken.

Catch the next episode of Game of Thrones on Sunday, May 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

Rebecca Martin is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @BeccaDMartin.

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