Bachelor in Paradise’s Graham Bunn: Why He Gave AshLee Frazier a Second Chance
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise’s Graham Bunn: Why He Gave AshLee Frazier a Second Chance

AshLee Frazier isn’t exactly winning any Miss Congeniality awards during her time on Bachelor in Paradise, with Lacy Faddoul flat out saying “I can’t stand AshLee” and Clare Crawley telling the girl to her face “we are not friends.” Despite Ash’s inability to play nice with the ladies of the house, there’s one person in Paradise who continues to stand by her side: showmance partner, Graham Bunn.

In the Episode 4 cliffhanger, AshLee offered Graham her rose and, for a brief moment, it looked like he might be having second thoughts about accepting it. But at the top of Episode 5, he took her flower with a smile — despite recently having found out about Ash’s mean girl behavior. So why is a guy who seems so nice hanging with a girl who seems so… not? In an interview with ABC News, Graham reveals he “wanted to make sure that I gave it every opportunity.”

“I had genuine interest in her,” Mr. Blue Eyes says. And at the time that the Clare situation hit the fan, Ash “hadn’t given me her side. I wasn’t prepared to make a final judgment on the potential relationship at this point.” So why the dramatics at the Rose Ceremony then? Graham reveals he’d been battling a case of Montezuma’s revenge and that his sweats had more to do with the sicks than any doubts over Capital L.

BUT, he says, it didn’t bode well that Ash didn’t check to see if he needed help when he walked off set. “I was disappointed. I wish AshLee had dropped everything to make sure I was OK because I would do that for her.” He also adds that “I for sure see her differently [now] than when I first showed up.” As do we, G.Bunns. As do we.

Was Graham right to give AshLee a second chance at his love? Tell us your thoughts below.

Source: ABC News