Why Pretty Little Liars’ Hanna and Gabe Holbrook Make an Awesome Crime-Solving Duo
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Pretty Little Liars

Why Pretty Little Liars’ Hanna and Gabe Holbrook Make an Awesome Crime-Solving Duo

How amazing is the blossoming friendship between Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) and Officer Gabe Holbrook (Sean Faris) on Pretty Little Liars? We’re totally pulling for their very own buddy cop spin-off. But what is it that makes this duo so darn watchable together? Read on to find out.

They’re unexpected

Is it just us, or were you totally surprised by the fact that this duo got a storyline together? As in, not the kind in which Gabe was arresting Hanna or any member of her family. After four seasons on the air, there’s only so much Pretty Little Liars can do to surprise us. Giving us a friendship between girly girl Hanna and Rosewood’s newest tough cop is one of them. And we couldn’t be happier!

He is the first honest cop in Rosewood

Another reasons this duo works so well is because the previous cops in the Liars’ lives have set the bar so low. Wilden blackmailed and terrorized Hanna’s family and even managed to cause problems with the Marin family in his death. Garrett had his moments but, when it came down to it, he had his own mysterious agenda and couldn’t be trusted. Gabe seems to be the first cop who doesn’t have any nefarious connections about town. Please don’t give him any nefarious connections about town, show.

The crime-solving duo that reads together, stays together

We’re a sucker for any television storyline about literature bringing unexpected characters together, but it’s been especially warming our hearts on PLL. It was crime novels that brought these two together, forging a camaraderie that probably wouldn’t have been there otherwise. Nothing like a common hobby to bring people together!

They have their own crime novel shorthand

And all of that reading will come in handy when these two start solving cases together. (What? A website can dream!) They can avoid lengthy explanations of how they think the culprit did it or what interrogation methods they are going to use by referencing the title and chapter number of one of their favorite books. Saves time and keeps enemies like “A” from listening in and countering their every move!

He’s able to admit when he’s wrong

Gabe totally ingratiated himself to us in this sneak peek for next week’s episode when he apologized to Hanna for all of the trouble he caused her family. Did you ever see Wilden admitting when he was wrong? Nope! Admitting wrongness can be an important trait in crime-solving. It saves crime-fighting duos from following an incorrect line of inquiry too far. Perhaps Gabe should apply this principle to his certainty that CeCe Drake killed Wilden. (We have a hunch.) Or maybe Hanna could give him some insight? She’s pretty good at calling people out when they’re wrong.

Together, they have a broad knowledge base

Wilden may be an expert, well-read cop with lots of practice with paperwork, but Hanna has a surprisingly in-depth knowledge when it comes to topics she’s interested in: like fashion or people born after 1989. Together, we think these two have a pretty wide knowledge base with complementary specialities that only seem to overlap when it comes to crime literature.

She needs someone right now

When it comes down to it, Hanna is a little lost right now – which is why we’re glad she’s found such a productive hobby to throw herself into. And we’re glad Gabe seems to be there to support it. This is why we think they make such an awesome crime-solving duo: because Hanna really needs to be part of a crime-solving duo right now.

Do you think and Holbrook make a good team? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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