Why is Andi Dorfman Hesitant About Josh Murray? Chris Harrison Says…
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Why is Andi Dorfman Hesitant About Josh Murray? Chris Harrison Says…

“Nailed it, pegged it, damn.” Those were Andi Dorfman’s words Week 1 when talking about how The Bachelorette contestant Josh Murray is soooooooo her type (does damn fine really count as a type?). So if the former professional baseball player is right up Andi’s alley, why does the assistant district attorney seem to have red flagged him? As always, host Chris Harrison is our love translator.

In an interview with TV Guide, Chris gets real about what we’ve all come to know as the Tiger Woods syndrome (that’s a thing, right? If not, we just coined a new medical condition). “He’s the good-looking athlete; every girl goes through that phase. When you’re ready to settle down, it’s a stereotype, but often times that’s not a good or lasting phase.” Basically, Andi’s afraid to be Elin Nordegren’d.

But why is the beauty so gun-shy? It’s possible the 27-year-old has been burned in the past. During their one-on-one schmoopy time before Week 2’s Rose Ceremony, Andi admitted to Josh that she’d dated some ballers in her day and is “familiar with the scene.” Translation? She knows how much “candy” finds its way into athletes’ “candy jars”.

But according to Chris, the tall drink of water handled Andi’s hesitations like a champ by asking her not to stereotype him. “Josh also played it smart in calling himself out...and she really respected it. Now whether it's true or not or just talk remains to be seen. But he could tell she was being hesitant.”

Mr. Handsome also admitted to Andi that he hasn’t had a girlfriend in five years because he’s been looking for the right gal. That admission appeared to impress Andi, because the two started giggling like school girls then locked lips. (She does realize not having a girlfriend isn’t the same as not getting any, right?) Anyhoo, if that chat laid Andi’s fears about the athlete to rest then we’re happy, because that means more possible make out seshes between the giggle pusses to come. And a quality make out sesh is basically what we live for.

Do you think Andi should be wary of Josh because he’s an athlete, or is that unfair stereotyping? Let us know.

Source: TV Guide