Dancing With The Stars

Why Is Pantsless Maksim Chmerkovskiy Rolling Karina Smirnoff Around in a Suitcase? (VIDEO)

As Dancing With the Stars fans, there are some questions we find ourselves asking all the time. When will we find out the new cast? Who will win? Should the show shake up the judges? How are they defining "star" anyway. However, today we're faced with a question we never imagined we'd ask: Why is a pantsless Maksim Chmerkovskiy rolling Karina Smirnoff around in a suitcase?

Maks posted a photo of himself on Instagram in nothing but a black button-up shirt (only partially buttoned, no undershirt, of course) and matching shoes and socks. But that's not all: he's also pulling a suitcase that holds none other than his fellow DWTS pro (and former fiancée) Karina. "Always wondered why is it so hard to get through airport security when I have a show with @Karina_Smirnoff" he wrote.

So, why are Maks and Karina hanging out and taking funny pictures? Well, the pair are currently taking part in the show, Ballroom With a Twist, so we're guessing it's related to that.

Whatever the case, it's nice to see these two getting along. As many DWTS fans know, they were once engaged (back in 2009). Their relationship seemed strained for a while (at least from the outside), but they're clearly playing nice now.

Check out another update on Maksim by watching the video above!