Why Isn’t Nashville New Tonight — March 13, 2013?
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Why Isn’t Nashville New Tonight — March 13, 2013?

Wednesdays aren’t our favorite of the non-weekend days, and so it truly sucks when we don’t at least have a new hour of Nashville to look forward to. Tonight, ABC will be re-airing Season 1, Episode 13, “There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight,” instead of anything we haven’t seen before. And while we’re grateful that we’ll get to see at least a little bit of steaminess — don’t forget that Rayna got cheeky with Liam — we’re dying to know what happens next with Gunnlett (double the consonant pairs, double the fun, as we always say).

Alas, Nashville is on a hiatus until March 27, when it will return with the promised continuation to our favorite couplings. Unfortch for everyone who can do math, that’s two more weeks without any satisfaction. So, while we’ll enjoy revisiting Rayna’s near-downfall as she stumbles on stage, makes out with Liam, and finds out from her daughter that Mr. Mayor is cheating on her, it’s just not the same.

When Nashville returns with new episodes in two weeks, we’ll get to see what happens when Juliette tries to take control of her own career, check out Gunnar’s other guns in a tank top, and watch Rayna try to spin more than just records into career gold. In the meantime, two words: toilet hook-up. Enjoy!

03.14.2013 / 04:33 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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