Why Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke Didn’t Win Dancing With the Stars Season 17
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Dancing With The Stars

Why Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke Didn’t Win Dancing With the Stars Season 17

By the Finale, we were really rooting for Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke on Dancing With the Stars Season 17. But we weren’t shocked when they took third place, and neither were they.

Who didn’t know that the final two couples would be Amber Riley & Derek Hough and Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff. In a season of surprises, that was pretty much the only thing that looked like a given from Week 1.

Jack had the lowest scores on the leaderboard on the two-night Finale, despite having a perfect-scoring “showstopper” of a Freestyle. He also just wasn’t quite in the same dancing league as Amber or Corbin, who both had different kinds of dance experience before they came into the season.

As much as Jack and Bill Engvall were helped by fans who want this show to be about celebs starting from scratch and learning how to dance, even more fans prefer near-pro level routines. The “best” dancer of the season may not win, but a great dancer does always win. If you look at the list of winners, they are all closer to Amber and Corbin than Jack. Sorry, man. Maybe next season an “underdog” style dancer can win … especially if she’s paired with Derek. Just sayin’!

Jack and Cheryl nodded when they were eliminated Tuesday night, and Jack quipped that he now knows that he’s not better than his sister, Kelly Osbourne, who also took third place back on Season 9.

What do you think? Were you hoping Jack and Cheryl would win? Is Jack a better dancer than Kelly or do you think it’s appropriate that they tied?