Why Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff Should Have Won Dancing With the Stars 2013
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Why Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff Should Have Won Dancing With the Stars 2013

On Tuesday, May 21, Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough won Dancing With the Stars Season 16. However, we think that footballer Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff should have been the pair to take home the Mirror Ball. Here are three reasons why:

1. Football players win

Only on Season 16 could a reigning Super Bowl champion be "under the radar" enough to be considered maybe third in line to win. This season, Kellie Pickler and Zendaya Coleman have been the standouts for so long that eyes have followed them for a big showdown. But what if the real threat was Jacoby — since Emmitt Smith, Hines Ward and Donald Driver could tell you all about football players quietly getting to the end with hard work, humor and a steady improvement. Emmitt wasn't a "better" dancer than Mario Lopez. Hines wasn't better than Chelsea Kane. Donald was no Katherine Jenkins. But it didn't matter. Jacoby has a light, fun relationship with Karina (despite his love to joke-fart at her) and a lot of viewers vote for the couple, not just the celeb or the pro individually. Jacoby & Karina are a blast to watch, and their humor makes them seem less intensely competitive than some of the other couples. Sadly, it wasn't enough for them to win.

2. His mom would love it

Jacoby is a goofball and his mom is a passionate stage mama. She’s been cheering from the crowd all season and some fans (and judges) probably wanted to help her baby boy win. (Or they may be afraid of her anger if Jacoby doesn’t win. She’s way into this!) We don't want to see her angry wrath post-loss...

3. He's... an underdog?

It's hard to be a favorite to win and an underdog at the same time, but look at Jacoby's competition. DWTS is a journey, and Jacoby started out toward the middle of the pack and went way up and slightly down all season. Sometimes viewers don't want to reward the dancers who were good right out of the gate, especially when Zendaya is already on a show about dancing, Kellie is a reality TV vet from American Idol who looked like a pro by Week 2, and Aly Raisman is an Olympian from last year's beloved Fierce Five. Meanwhile, Jacoby may be a Super Bowl alum — and we know they do well — but he's not an entertainer. He's not a performer and he doesn't have the flips and tricks experience of an Olympian. It's much more out of a football player's comfort zone to do this kind of thing, and that may be part of why football players get votes and win. You have to be secure in your manhood just to wear the DWTS costumes. Put Jacoby next to these girls, and he was certainly the underdog. While he didn't win the Mirror Ball, he's still a winner in our hearts.

What do you think DWTS fans? Should Jacoby have won Dancing With the Stars 2013? Sound off in the comments!

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