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Why Jennifer Grey Will Win DWTS Season 11


It's Semifinals time! Let's take a look at the final four on Dancing with the Stars Season 11 and explain how each one could win.

Why Jennifer Will Win:

1. She has the Dancing legacy on her side. She was already the pre-season favorite for playing "Baby" opposite beloved icon Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. She's also beloved icon Joel Grey's daughter and beloved living legend Jamie Lee Curtis' BFF. She still moves like the Dirty girl she was, despite being 50 and overcoming many injuries — as she reminds us every week. Viewers over 40 — which is a large portion of the audience — and fans struggling with their own maladies seem to empathize with and relate to her more than the young'uns still in the competition.

2. She's paired with Derek Hough. Derek is arguably the most talented choreographer on the show, as well as a cutie pie (who hams too much for the cameras, don't worry, we've noticed too). He's won the mirror ball twice, with current co-host Brooke Burke and last season's champ, Nicole Scherzinger. Between his choreography, her natural talent, the "she's overcoming so many obstacles!" backstory and their natural chemistry together, they appear to be locks for the finals.

3. She's really, really good. It's amazing to hear her consider quitting because her body can't take the pressure ... and then watch her perform flawless routines. Her body can do splits and kicks we couldn't even do as teenagers. Plus, she has that emotional connection that's so important to drawing in loyal fans. We haven't forgotten her very first dance with Derek, a heartbreaking Viennese Waltz to "These Arms of Mine." Her ability to melt into a dance and take us with her is a very powerful tool.


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11.10.2010 / 10:20 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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