Why Did Juan Pablo Galavis Give Sharleen the First Impression Rose? He Says…
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Why Did Juan Pablo Galavis Give Sharleen the First Impression Rose? He Says…

Did 2014 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis make the right call to give Sharleen Joynt the first impression rose last night?

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Now that JPG has had a chance to see her mixed reaction to his very existence, you could understand if he was hurt or wished he’d given the rose to someone else. But, nope! In his People.com blog about the premiere, Juan Pabs explains why the opera singer in the dress he really, really loved was the one who sealed the first impression deal.

"Talking with the women, they were all great, but I mean — Sharleen came all the way from Germany to meet me! I was so impressed by her beauty, by her job as an opera singer and that she tiene mundo/has worldliness. I knew just by her dress that she was different in a good way and I had to get to know this woman better." (Maybe the dress designer should've gotten the rose.) "I had no idea that Sharleen had some doubts about the rose and the whole experience," Juan Pablo continued, "but I absolutely do not regret giving her that rose because I really want to spend more time with her — plus I can't wait to hear her sing."

JPG said he had a "truly AMAZING first night" overall, even though he hates hurting people by dumping them on television. He was especially upset by his own enunciation snafu when he wanted to give Kat Hurd a rose but Kylie Lewis started stepping forward. Awkward! In the end, Kylie was denied a rose. [sad trombone] "Ay ay ayyyyy!" JPG wrote. "I almost died because I felt so bad for Kylie. I hope some day she forgives me."

Was it really his fault? And did Sharleen really do anything wrong to approach the first night of meeting this guy like a normal person instead of a giggling "wooo!" girl? She's not sure about him, which only make sense after spending maybe 10 minutes with the guy in total. Yeah, she needs to stop calling him "sir" — what is she Marcie to his Peppermint Patty? — but the preview for the rest of the season hints to a little more closeness for Sharleen and JPG. Maybe she's just a slow-burn kinda gal.

Were you surprised by the choice of Sharleen for first impression rose? Do you think Juan Pablo likes that she's not so into him or did she just stand out because she was clearly on another level of maturity from the crying girls and that “free spirit”?

Source: People.com